Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

inhibit the voltage-dependant sodium channels

People in Europe love my post about A Girl on a Motorcycle. They love the shit outta it. So do people in Brazil and Japan, but mostly Europeans. It's nice, to have a post loved the shit outta-- but that post? It has nothing to do with me and my presence on this Internet. I guess it does, I wrote it.

This is the larger thing, wtf about a presence(6. an invisible spirit felt to be nearby)on the Internet? Should I give a? I haven't for a while and that's obvious. I've stopped updating this tiny address. But, I have just as much right as you to clutter this Internet. It's a goddamn god-given right to clutter the Internet. I'm holding out this small corner, this tiny smog molecule in a dense sky. And I added another site. I thought, to hell with A Girl on a Motorcycle and those Europeans. I'll do something else, something good, something Kate Wyer. And then I stopped; I stopped updating that other smog, too.

"Take on a little contour, for heaven's sake"- Beckett's first play, a failure. A success for him to figure out what worked. The same, as always, a process.

I got two rejections today. I haven't had an acceptance in a long time. I actually don't want to think about how long, to actually give it a frame. I stopped submitting at all for some time, so I can't expect to get acceptances, now, right? Further demonstrated by

So I lied about stopping this one. I'll make the other one look pretty and professional, a writer needs a professional(writers are very business-like, conferences, name tags)image or place to say, "This is my life's work, take me seriously. I need you."

I need you.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Please find me here: upturnedface

It's very professional. You should take a look.