Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rhino post

I was going through my notebooks from my MFA and I found this quote:

"E... had a theory about rhinos. They see through smell. Their tiny eyes don't bring in enough light. But smells linger longer than light, allow more depth of knowledge. Five days of smells can be presented in front of a rhino's nose and he sees them all. This 'extra time dimension' allows a different perception-- on that appears differently, depending on where you are. Days overlap, extend, flow into one another. Rhinos are not limited by light. Chemicals track pathways to the brain, illuminate objects internally."

If that isn't poetry, I don't know poetry. I wish I had sited the source of the quote! Some of it is paraphrased.

I also had this: 18 million years old. 30 million years ago, no horn, long neck.

And a lot about mud.

I knew that I did a small writing project on a rhino I saw at the zoo, but I was surprised by the connections to my current writing.