Thursday, January 28, 2010

How about it?

I'm very excited about this weekend. I think (and hope) that the reading is going to be well attended and that I've put together a diverse group of artists and poets. The freak flag is a gonna be a flyin.

Long week of interviewing-- I logged 25 interviews at three different places around the state. Lots of driving and talking. I met God and he was lovely. I'm not being a smart-ass.

I started a new poem after hearing my mom describe the sound of the siding being torn off her house by the wind.

I think that I am going to attend Jen's workshop at the Creative Alliance tonight. I have to see how much it is. I haven't been in a fiction workshop in years and years. The workshops really killed fiction for me, actually. So it's dangerous that I'm considering attending.


Anonymous said...

freak flag it up, Kate - i'll be there in spirit(s).

Kate said...

So glad to hear that. Thanks for the support. I hope to video tape it, or at least have photos.