Tuesday, February 23, 2010

workie workie

The DSM V is online and open for comments. This is a revolutionary way to present such an important academic text. It allows the public the same level of access and input awarded to professionals.


I am particularly interested in the renaming of "Gender Identity Disorder" to "Gender Incongrunce." It's still very controversial to include this aspect of human sexuality in the manual.

Being gay was codeable as a mental illness until 1987.

The new version also attempts to be more sensitive to cultural factors that contribute to a person's self. This should be common sense, no?

I spent several hours online looking over the revisions.


Anonymous said...

awesomesauce. seems it's grown significantly, especially with regards to dimensionality per disorder. always been a bit queer with gender/sex issues. :)

Kate said...

Yeah-- some steps forward! Thanks for the comment Anon.