Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NYC this weekend!

On Friday I'm going up to NYC to see Anne Carson deliver a lecture at The Philoctetes Center. My husband and I are staying the weekend. I'm so excited to get out of town! And it's Halloween weekend-- an extra bonus.

I've been finding it hard to concentrate on writing. I've blamed that on a lot of things, but mostly attributing it to feeling so underemployed at work. I try to make the most of it, but it seems pointless.

Man, don't you miss the old days when I would have just gone ape-shit about it on my blog? Let it all out? I guess those days are over. A new maturity? Perhaps.

Damn, though. I just sound depressed.


Silvia said...

hey Kate, I'm going to be in nyc this weekend, too. I wish I'd known about the Anne Carson talk before I made plans! Ack. Have fun!

Kate said...

Cool! Yeah, it's Friday at 3:30. I've seen her read before- she is a total rock star :) Hope you have a great weekend, too!