Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Chronicles of Ronnie, part one

Ronald was in a house with 85 other chihuahuas and 4 cats. There were dead chihuahuas in the house, too. This was in South Philly, in a little brick row house, last July. Ronald was rescued by the Pennsylvania ASPCA and who then reached out to the tri-state rescues to help them place all the dogs.

Ronnie has a limpy leg and no one knows exactly what happened. He is also pretty terrified of movements and noises. He doesn't make eye-contact and doesn't like to be touched. He spent the first day and night at our house in the basement behind the woodstove. The next day he decided to try the first floor. He camped out under a chair. What a big step!

My Sandy loves him and my Machismo just wants to play. We are taking our time with him, letting him get comfortable and make the first moves. I am so happy to have him in our home.

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