Monday, January 10, 2011

New family members...

The other day my husband drove to a transmission shop. He got out of his truck and two scrappy dogs came running over to him. My husband asked the shop owner if he had gotten new shop dogs. The owner said no, that the dogs had just shown up and refused to leave. He said that he was going to call animal control. Clint tried to call me, but I was interviewing people in a state mental hospital and wasn't allowed to have my phone on me.

So, the guy called animal control and the dogs were sent to the pound. I called my husband back and then Clint called around to find the dogs. He found them, got their numbers. We went up to see them on Saturday. The little terrier mix was still available for adoption. He was filthy, matted, but very happy to see us. The young pitbull girl, however, was not up for adoption. Maryland doesn't allow you adopt pitbulls. They just don't. So, basically, she was going to be there the four days they give owners to claim their animals, and then be killed. The woman at the counter told us, well, since you did see her before she was picked up, I could write that you are going to "reclaim" her. We said yes. The little duo-- a terrier and a pitbull-- are going to become Wyers on Wednesday.

It is going to be a huge adjustment for my two Chihuahuas and my cat. I have faith, though, that everything is going to work out.

Pictures to follow!

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