Thursday, January 20, 2011

Unscroll and Short, Fast and Deadly

Unscroll Five has work by Tyler Flynn Dorholt, Kat Dixon, Howie Good, Zachary C. Bush, Micheal Sean Bolton, Kyle Hemmings & Erin Elizabeth Smith. And me. I particularly like Kat Dixon's poem-- a story of a party(?)with fresh line breaks and word couples.

Also, got my one day turn around response from Short, Fast and Deadly-- they are taking a piece I titled "3:30." It was a lot of fun to make the three pieces I submitted work for the strict guidelines-- no more than 420 characters per piece, not including the titles. That's characters, not words. So, spaces and punctuation count. It was exciting to cut, cut, cut. The stories started at around 560 characters. I had to decide that was essential and what (even if I really liked it) wasn't. I think it was a good exercise for looking at my stories in a different way.

Maud found a home! She is going to be a family dog. I'm so happy. So, so, happy.


Jenn/PaperPinwheel said...

yay, yay and yay!

Kate said...

thanks for the support, jenn :)