Friday, March 4, 2011

Bees, A Plant LOVE Connection, the essentials...

Bee-keeping at Oregon Ridge, call 410 562-3464 and talk to Jerry to sign up for the (super) cheap class.

Putty Hill is at The Charles this weekend! I'm very excited to see this film.

Pre-planting love, match making:

corn and cukes in the same bed (Allow the cukes to climb up the corn! It keeps them both warmer and happy)

Jury Duty, huh? Watching boot-legged VHS copies of The Sandlot? Nope, buried my nose in a book for eight hours, drank coffee and ate too many choco chip cookies, made myself feel ill-- but finished REVOLUTION.

Hoping for focus this weekend, a bit of hard work, a return to my book.

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