Friday, March 25, 2011

A writing post and thanks

David McLendon is one of the most generous, big-hearted editors I've come across. He posted my story, "Scouts," to Unsaid's website. Please read it here. Brian Kubarycz, Factotum, (as stated on Unsaid's masthead)is also a positive force.

This leads me to my second item. "Contuse" was accepted by Folio (American University) after their managing editor solicited me-- after she read "Scouts." Big thanks to them and to Unsaid, and to the Baltimore people that heard a rough draft of the story when I read it at the 510.

Also-- I was asked to contribute to The Rotating History Project's spring show, The Same River Twice. The piece had to relate to the Jones Falls River in some way. I enjoyed researching the river and its history. I settled on creating a fake scientific paper based on real facts. It's all about clam guts, etc. The piece will be published in a hard-bound book, along with other writers and visual artists, as part of Baltimore's Green Week. I look forward to seeing the show and also hearing about how other people relate to the urban river.
The American woodcock is a chunky bird with a long, flexible, sensitive bill. It also used to live on the banks of the Falls.

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